Popular treatment of psoriasis: approved methods of traditional medicine

The national psoriasis Foundation, located in the Mayo clinic, published a list of the best home remedies for psoriasis treatment, or rather its manifestations.

Psoriasis is characterized by induration of the skin and the appearance of redness, peeling silvery-white spots and plaques. Manifestations are not limited to skin, severely affected joints develops chronic psoriatic arthritis. Typical localization changes - hairy part of the scalp, elbows, knees, very rarely diagnosed generalized form of psoriasis or erythrodermic form.

Of course, home psoriasis treatment is aimed at relief of symptoms and eliminate cosmetic defects on the affected areas of the skin. They can't cure psoriasis, and before you start the treatment of psoriasis popular ways are sure to get advice from a dermatologist or rheumatologist.

To facilitate permanent psoriatic itching, dryness and flaking skin, you may bathe to use a combination of sea salt and warm water. Sea salt soothes, relaxes and eliminates peeling skin. While taking a bath, try as much as possible to clear scaly fate skin. Extra uplatnenia and peeling on the surface to create barriers to medical ointment used for psoriasis. Note the temperature of the water as hot water can increase itching, heat, water moderately, to a comfortable sensation of heat. Baths can be used with one or two times a week, frequent bathing in the tub can disturb the natural protective layer of the skin and can cause through measuring the dryness of the skin, which will exacerbate the symptoms.

Apple cider vinegar has long been used to treat inflammation and burns on the skin, its disinfectant properties help to avoid joining a secondary infection in psoriasis. Apple cider vinegar can be sprayed on the affected areas of skin with the help of a spray or make trays with a weak concentration of the vinegar, which can be lowered hands and feet for a few minutes. You can either spray it on the affected areas or lower the fingers of the hands and feet in the trough with vinegar for a few minutes. Such procedures help to reduce itching, pain and burning on the modified areas of the skin.

It is important that You regularly moisten the skin, preventing dryness, this will help to avoid exacerbations and reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. For this you can use a moisturizing hand cream that is rich and thick consistency. The cream will help to keep the water inside the skin.

Bitter pumpkin juice for psoriasis

Natural home remedy for psoriasis treatment - the use of bitter pumpkin juice with lime juice or lemon early in the morning on an empty stomach. Pumpkin juice quickly gained confidence in the treatment of psoriasis, even doctors and nutritionists recommend it to their patients. However, obtaining a visible effect require regular admission within 5-6 months.

Use olive, garlic oil, calendula oil is useful for the treatment of psoriasis. Gently, massaging, apply on the scalp or the affected skin a mixture of a glass of milk and two teaspoons of oil. This significantly reduces scaly patches on the skin. In addition, you can take a bath of vegetable oil. Good effect shows a mixture of Cup of olive oil with two drops of calendula oil and oil of oregano, this mixture can be massaged altered areas on the body.

Often the aggravation of the disease is due to stress, according to the National psoriasis Foundation, the purpose of massage therapy is justified as a good massage not only helps relieve stress, but also improves microcirculation in the skin, which enhances the reparative effects.


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Many people suffering from the psoriasis after treatment ointments and creams cover the skin with plastic wrap, it helps to better penetration of the drug into the skin and retain vital natural moisture. Enough within a few hours the skin tightly wrap the plastic wrap after applying medicinal ointments.

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