Popular treatment of alcoholism: home herbal medicine

For treating alcoholism in people have long used a variety of methods: from prayers and incantations to herbal medicine. In this article I would like to tell you about herbal remedies that can be used for home treatment of alcoholism.

Tool 1: Oats

In a saucepan filled with 1 kg of raw oats, pour 2 liters of water. Leave it to boil for about half an hour. Then the broth is drained and it is added 150 grams of dried calendula flowers. After this mixture you should pour into a dark bottle and keep in a cool place for two days. The mixture to give the patient 1 Cup 3 times a day. In 3-4 days the desire to consume alcohol must fully complete.

Tool 2: St. John's Wort

Dried herb St. John's wort pour boiling water, then infuse in a warm place. Broth to give the patient 1 tablespoon 1 time a day, before meals. After a week craving for alcohol must abyss.

Tool 3: Moss-Baranets

Brew Baranets with evenings at the rate of 10 g per 1 Cup of boiling water, give drink to the patient one hour after Breakfast. After 20-30 minutes, to give him wine (50-60 mg) or vodka (40-50 mg). After half an hour, the patient will begin nausea and vomiting. The recommended course of 1-2 weeks. For reliability to repeat the course in six months. It is believed that this is the surest way to discourage people from drinking alcohol. However, remember that barometz is not used in medicine as an emetic agent because of its high toxicity. So home treatment of alcoholism baranca unsafe. The recommended treatment under the supervision of doctors in a hospital.

Taking into account the toxicity of baranca, in modern pharmacology was developed similar to the principle of the drug - "Cole". It is no less effective, but safer, so can be used at home. In addition, it is possible to give to the patient without his knowledge. Essentially it's the same alcoholism treatment folk remedies, but more modern.

Among other herbs that are recommended by national treatment of alcoholism bitter wormwood, centaury, root, sorrel, thyme, the root of wild ginger, the root of lovage, Bay leaves, rhizomes narrow-leaved peony, mint and others. In addition, fitoapteka sold ready herbal mixtures to treat alcoholism.

Before you apply alcoholism treatment folk remedies, remember that any grass - this medicine and how each medication has its contraindications. So home treatment of alcohol can harm the health. It is recommended to consult a doctor who will be able to find a suitable herbal and calculate a reasonable dose. But the best way to treat alcoholism in a hospital under the supervision of a physician.

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