Popular social networks lead to obesity

Today, many people spend their free time at the computer. The Christmas holidays that will not be an exception. As shown by the results of a study conducted by the American Center for disease control and prevention, the pastime fraught with negative consequences. The Center's specialists recommend not to spend a long time in the virtual world. Particularly at risk lovers of social networking. They are so involved in the process of communication with virtual friends that you forget to eat, and poor diet can lead to obesity.

Researchers conducted a survey among people. They asked how much time is spent on the world wide web each Respondent. They were especially interested in the time spent on social networks. After analyzing the obtained data, the researchers concluded that the more people "sat" on the Internet, the greater was the weight of his body. In particular, this related to social network users.

Overeating and unhealthy food, usually accompanied by communication in virtual reality. During the experiment, the scientists suggested experimental choice of food, from which they chose the unhealthy food.

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