Popular pills for weight loss can cause renal failure

Currently under investigation by the most popular in Britain tablets for weight loss because of fears that they cause kidney failure.

In recent years there have been four serious cases associated with serious liver problems, one of them was fatal.

Although, compared with 38 million people, dieters with these tablets, such statistics cannot be considered indicative, however, doctors tend to suspect the disease fines these pills.

At the moment, decides whether the renewed license for medicines that contain orlistat. This substance was identified in 1998, it prevents the intestinal absorption of fat, which displays the body without absorption. The contains orlistat tablets alli and Xenical, it is contained in 74 weight loss supplements sold in the UK.

Other tablets against excess weight work on suppressing appetite, however in recent years the volume of production decreased.

Although from 38 million taking these pills, people have been registered since 1997, only 21 cases of failure, the European medicines Agency will conduct further inquiry and yet often advises to use drugs with orlistat.

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