Popular methods of removing unwanted hair

A woman always wants to look perfect and smooth well-groomed feet only complement our beauty. We begin to look for opportunities and methods for proper hair removal. Today there are many hair removal methods, both at home and in beauty salons. What you will choose? How long does the result of smooth legs? An overview of current treatments in beauty salons and home will help you make the right choice.

Laser hair removal

In this way unwanted hair removed almost forever. Several sessions are required with the cost of your time and a good financial investment. Laser hair removal is a fairly expensive procedure. You should think before you go to the salon. Do not be lazy, do yourself a test on the sensitivity of your skin to the laser beam exposure.


This method is one of the professional. After this procedure, you have exactly the hair on the legs will not. Will be about them only to remember. With photography there is nothing in common. Is the effect on hair high temperatures. Fixed part of the body about 10-12mm and is influenced him - "photographing". The downside is that you cannot be in the sun for weeks before the procedure and after it. Still possible the appearance of small scars, if very sensitive skin. For beauty you can close your eyes to it.

In the professional range of treatments and electrolysis is usually

It epilation needle electrode. It is done only in specialized salon. A very effective procedure that removes hair forever. The electrode removes the root of the hair and the Foundation appears to bristle. The process can cause pain. Such a procedure, as photoepilation is desirable to carry out in advance if you intend to go on vacation. After such exposure, the skin may appear small burns and scars.

The easiest way is to shave

This method is used by many women. It is called waxing. There are many disadvantages. Hair after shaving grow faster and become hard. From the blade, the skin thickens, and requires additional means for its mitigation. After shaving the hair on the legs, the skin must be wet, otherwise it becomes dry and irritable.To date, methods of hair removal leg hair leave in the past. Almost all women have gone through it. So, what would be beautiful enough, a bit of wit and useful information. Opportunities abound today. It remains to make a educated decision.Ladies, stay always beautiful!

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