Popular methods of removing stretch marks

Stretch marks on the skin or stretch marks appear due to the rupture of the collagen fibers, leaving the body skin defects (scars). This is due to the fact that the inner layers of the skin are broken and filled with connective tissue. Initially, the scars are red or purple , and eventually become white, leaving the skin ugly scars that do not sunbathe and disfigure the skin.

Causes the appearance of stretch marks can be childbirth, puberty, hormonal drugs, are overweight, or thyroid disease.

There are many methods of removing stretch marks, reviews which you can read almost everywhere, however, each type of treatment is determined individually and depends on the size, severity and location of the stretch marks.

For the treatment of stretch marks apply the following treatment methods:

Using creams - great for stretch marks that have appeared recently. Apply various creams and ointments that don't remove the scars and make them less noticeable and create a temporary effect.

Wrap stretch marks - helps, if stretch marks have formed relatively recently (not more than six months). To wrap using seaweed, especially the spirulina that tone and tighten the skin. The effect seen after 6-12 treatments.

Microdermabrasion - skin is polished with fine particles of aluminum oxide. Each stretch is polished along the entire length. The procedure is quite long, 4-8 reps every 30 days.

Mesotherapy - under the skin in the region of scarring are injected therapeutic cocktails containing nutrients and collagen, which help reduce stretch marks.

Peeling. There are two types of exfoliation: chemical and laser.

Chemical peeling is applied to the skin preparations on the basis of various acids that remove deep stratum corneum of the skin. The effect of smoothing, alignment and contrast transitions in the area of the scar, but over time, the procedure must be repeated again.

Laser peel is the removal of the skin defect produced by the laser. Removed the top layer of the epidermis, which leads to smoothing of the skin, creates a contrast transition between the skin and the scar, making it practically invisible.

Surgical intervention is used when you have loose skin and excess fat along with scars. Remove the excess skin and fat, and together with them and stretching.

Tattoo - skin with stretch marks is selected pattern, which is applied by the artist and cosmetologist, resulting in a visually hidden, existing scars.

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