Poor sleep provokes breast cancer and prostate

A research group from Harvard medical school made a discovery, which proved that sleep disturbance sometimes lead to serious consequences. In particular, according to scientists from the conference of the American Association of cancer research, poor sleep can cause breast cancer in women and prostate in men.

The data were processed in the global study, which lasted seven years. Were examined in total of 928 patients, 111 were diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. It should be noted that in 24 cases, the form of the disease wore a sharp, swift in nature and could cause death.

Research has proven that lack of sleep or reducing its quality inevitably leads to additional stress. It is proved that this factor plays a role in cancer.

The weakest spot in women with sleep disorders were the mammary gland. Scientists suggest that some tumors provokes a reduced level of melatonin. This hormone is produced during sleep. It is noted that a high level of melatonin is worthy of protection from cancer.

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