Poor sleep increases the risk of pneumonia

Sleep apnea is a pathology that occurs quite often. It is associated with the temporary cessation of breathing and hypoxia tissue, says Medical News Today. As a result, the quality of sleep decreases, and people need more time to sleep. The research of Dr. Vincent And Fong su (Taipei hospital veterans) proves that sleep apnea increases the risk of developing pneumonia and attach bacteria to lung tissue.

During his studies doctor of compared data from 7 thousand patients with sleep apnea and 27 thousand people without this disease. For two groups the doctor watched for 11 years, recording every case of pneumonia.

The index of the frequency of occurrence of pneumonia in the group of patients was higher by 20% 9,36% compared to 7.77%). Moreover, frequent pneumonia often blended with diabetes, dementia and heart disease.

Today it's hard to say how related these two factors. Perhaps the low quality of sleep reduces the immunity of the person, or the liquid with bacteria from the throat during phase apnea enters the lungs.

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