Poor sleep affects the quality of sperm

A study conducted by researchers from the University of southern Denmark, found that the sperm quality of men who sleep less, 29 percent worse than those who do not experience lack of sleep. In the research it became clear that the lack of sleep and disturbed sleep have an effect on the sexual function of men. That is, the smaller the number of hours sleeping man, the less likely it is to become a father. This conclusion came the Danish scientists. Thus, night sleep has a direct impact on the number of sperm.

The researchers conducted a scientific experiment to identify the interrelationship between sleep and male fertility. In research took part 953 men at the age of eighteen years. All the participants passed the seminal fluid to be appreciated by scholars on various parameters. Some of the parameters were the duration of sleep and the number of night awakenings. Based on these scientists will be able to develop a methodology by which the dream would be to treat infertility.

However, British scientists discovered that chronic lack of sleep can lead to disturbance of respiratory function, which in turn can cause heart disease and blood vessels. The experiment showed that a few nights of sleep leads to decreased vascular function. Was marked by a rather interesting phenomenon: on the third day chronic lack of sleep function vessels were recovered. According to scientists, this happens after the body just adapts. Further, the research process was the fact that volunteers were placed in a special chamber with a high content of carbon dioxide.

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Research has shown that carbon dioxide is experiencing disturbances of different nature in the respiratory system of a person. After carrying out this procedure, the participants were able to sleep for 10 hours over five days. Once ended the mentioned period, problems with the respiratory system disappeared.

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