Poor nutrition combined with night work - the most unhealthy combination

Scientists have proven that violated the regime of work and rest, coupled with a diet rich in fats and fast carbohydrates entails the development of dangerous inflammatory response, writes HNGN. Chronic inflammation is the cause of most ailments in the human body. Especially dangerous of them is diabetes and heart disease.

Some specialty mean shift job (doctors, firemen). Daily regime provokes health problems. Violated the standard of the rest. People work 24 hours straight, the rest he takes much more time. In the new regime has a negative impact on health.

Scientists diagnose the change in the bacterial composition of the gut, which cause the inflammation. Inflammation is influenced by disrupted circadian rhythms. Data were installed in the experiments with laboratory mice. Scientists have changed their usual circadian rhythm and planted animals on different diets.

At the end of the study the worst feel of the mouse, consuming a lot of fats and sugars with disturbed sleep mode and waking. In some cases, the changes provoked the development of cancer process.

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