Doctors speculated that by 2050 from a bad environment in the big cities will die 6.6 million people annually. Now the mortality from environmental factors is 3.5 million people a year, but the true figures, experts say, much higher.

The main factor of air pollution in industrial cities – fine particulates. They can not only stay on the surface of the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Comparing bad ecology with a terrible killer, the scientists are not telling the whole story. Air pollution increases the incidence of the most common pathologies: from diabetes to cancer.

Another factor that brings health great harm, the microclimate in the home. The use of household chemicals, fireplaces and range of appliances also increase mortality. Particularly noticeable phenomenon in China and India.

In addition to these reasons, in the "black list" was agriculture using chemical fertilizers. This factor is particularly relevant in Russia, USA, Turkey and some European countries.

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