Poor diet leads to metabolic syndrome - the scientists

Metabolic syndrome is a complex pathologies associated with cardiovascular and endocrine system. It turned out that the absence of a full Breakfast in adolescence brings the onset of angina, stroke and diabetes. Data published by the online edition of The Hindu.

Scientists from the University of Umea found that metabolic syndrome is directly linked to proper nutrition during adolescence. The absence of a hearty Breakfast, offset main meal in the evening leads to abdominal obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension. Moreover, these problems can creep in rather an early age.

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As proof of his words, scientists give the results of the study. Ninth-graders were asked about their morning ration. Through 27 years each of them had a complete examination for diagnosing metabolic syndrome. It turned out that malnutrition increases the risk of metabolic abnormalities in more than half. Particularly badly affected by the lack of Breakfast.

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