Pomegranate juice prevents cancer development

Scientists from the University of California found in pomegranate juice special components that impede the movement of cancer cells and weaken the process of metastasis of prostate cancer in bone.

Professor of cell biology Manuela Martis green knows that although today not developed the means to cure this disease, there are several ways to significantly slow the progression of diseased cells. Until now the main method of treatment was surgical or chemical intervention, the latter suppressed the male hormone testosterone, necessary for the prostate cancer cells to grow. Professor Martis green used pomegranate juice grown in laboratory conditions aggressive prostate cancer cells and found that cancer cells are not killed by chemical treatment, decreased their activity, and some died from a simple application of pomegranate juice.

Scientists have identified actively suppress the development of prostate juice components: hydrobenzoin acid, containing, flavones and conjugated fatty acids. As proteins involved in the spread of prostate cancer, in most cases, coincide with proteins involved in the development of other types of cancer, pomegranate juice may be an effective treatment for all cancer patients.

At the moment scientists can say with confidence that pomegranate juice may slow down, and in special cases to prevent the development of bone metastases in prostate cancer.

Although prior to the development of drugs based on pomegranate juice is still far, nothing prevents men to drink a glass of pomegranate juice in preventive purposes. Because pomegranate juice not only leads to normal hemoglobin in patients with anemia and prevents inflammation in the gut, but also very tasty and rich in vitamins product.

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