Polydrug use: details about the disease

Polydrug abuse is a disease in which the patient uses several types of drugs. They use them either simultaneously or alternating in different order. A feature of this disease is that the dependence of the patient occurs for each of the drugs used. Remember, addiction treatment should be done as quickly as possible.

Often this disease develops at the initial stage of addiction, when the future is dependent, in search of his "pleasure", begins to try everything, and then just can't stop. Experts say that usually the first time people try drugs, containing hemp, and only then move on to something more potent. This is due to the fact that they don't get the euphoria that was at first, and they need to achieve the desired result.

Staying on the same drug, dependent pleased with him only for a while, until he gets a "buzz". After the addict to become tolerant to one drug, he begins to enter other, to achieve the desired effect. Treatment

Regardless of the type of addiction, which affects people, after some time, he disrupted sleep. Then it turns into insomnia, which can last up to several days, and the patient remains only one way out - to take sleeping pills. In this case, it may be dependent on sleeping pills, which of course exacerbates the whole picture. In the end, the patient can not sleep without the aid of alcohol, tranquilizers or opium. In the morning he wakes up sluggish and weak, and there is not enough without stimulants that will help a little bit to cheer up.

Often, the addict is financially unable to provide for themselves drug accustomed to, and this leads to the concomitant use of alcohol.

In patients who consume some time later (the timing will depend on the type of drug) is formed withdrawal syndrome is a group of disorders that have mental, neurological and somatic in nature. As practice shows, such patients become dependent in a shorter time. But if the main drugs used is the opiate, the disease develops much faster.

To avoid this condition, the patient is ready to accept absolutely any means that will his the time available. Very often this tool is alcohol. Polydrug abuse is a pretty picture heavy, and it is characterized not by the totality of the means used by the patient, and the result arising from their interaction with each other.

Comparing these diseases, there are different features in each of them. Polydrug abuse causes more serious damage than drug addiction. When it affects all organs, including the brain. Absolutely will not force myself to wait for the change of identity, that is, the patient becomes aggressive, rude, not restrained, unprincipled, it is absolutely not interested in neither relatives nor friends. His behavior becomes unpredictable, and you can expect from such a person absolutely anything.

Ill consume a lot faster will become a criminal than a normal drug addict. He didn't even stop to think before you go on a robbery, theft or another crime.

Treatment of such patients is very long and difficult, and often it ends up being a psychiatric hospital.

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