Polluted air decreases the memory in older people - the scientists

Scientists from the Center for biodemography and population health, together with colleagues from the Center for gerontology Andrus established: vehicle emissions and air pollution in large cities is one of the reasons for the decline of memory and cognitive processes among older people, writes Reuters.

Experts have compared the health status 780 people, which in 2001-2002 was 55 years and more. In the 90 years, scientists have begun to measure the content of pollutants in the places of residence of the subjects. It was estimated the intelligence of people, their memory and cognitive abilities.

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As it turned out, the average concentration of small particles in the cities was 13.8 µg. One cubic meter. Officially permissible value is 12 micrograms. In areas where pollution exceed 15 micrograms, the number of errors in volunteers on tests of intelligence was one and a half times more.

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