Poll: what is actually people consider immoral?

View erotic pictures for today's young people ceases to be a prohibited topic for discussion. This conclusion was made by employees of the organization the Barna Group. They interviewed nearly four thousand people: from children to the elderly. Almost half of the elderly and only one in three teenagers felt viewing erotic photos immoral act. A similar situation was observed in relation to erotic stories and the scenes on TV.

Significantly most adolescents disapproved of harming the environment, says The Hindustan Times. Erotic themes and, on the contrary, for the youth of today no longer be closed. 36% of young people take up this hobby from my friends, another 16% openly approve of it.

In recent years the proliferation of the Internet and ease of access to information attitude to pornography has changed dramatically. Therefore, scientists believe, today's teenagers are open to experimentation in sex and have a positive attitude towards pornography.

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