Poll: Russians do not trust doctors from public hospitals

Employees of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion conducted a poll which showed the real state of Affairs in health care. It turned out, the majority of Russian citizens do not trust doctors from public health institutions. Such was 65%. Only 24% were completely satisfied with the quality of provided services and qualified professionals.

However, 60% of respondents still sought care in public clinics. Paid medicine on a permanent basis, according to the survey, use 8% of the population, 1% turns for help to the healers. 4% had never sought medical help from a doctor and not going to do that. The healthiest consider themselves residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg with high income and good education.

"Bad doctors, low quality of medical services in General, low level of professional training of doctors and the lack of equipment in institutions with modern equipment. Here diagnosing problems our health care system from the point of view of the user. According to this survey, almost 40% of Russians were faced with the inability to get to a specialist because of the queues, rudeness and boorishness nurses and doctors, the errors in the incorrect diagnoses and prescribed treatment. Slightly fewer complaints on the lack of hospitals necessary medicines and equipment," - says Valery Fyodorov, head of VTsIOM.

However, not everyone agrees with this opinion. The President of the League of protection of the rights of patients Alexander saverskij sure, these surveys – a huge field for manipulation. According to other sources cited by Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of healthcare of the Russian Federation, more than 50% of the population rely on government hospitals.

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