Poll: is it appropriate to use the phone at the dinner table?

Scientists from the University of Michigan has tried to understand the modern rules of etiquette through a survey of ordinary people. As it turned out, a lot depends on situation and many other factors. Writes about this edition of The Hindustan Times.

The survey was attended by 1163 people. The age of the respondents ranged from 8 to 88 years old. Most people did not see anything criminal in using the phone while sharing a meal. However, much depends on what a particular person is engaged in. Flipping news feed over lunch with friends – a sign of bad taste. But to reply to the message or the call – is normal and acceptable.

Interestingly, these verbal rules are only for adults. Children the majority of respondents advised not to use the phone at the table. The reason is simple: children typically use the phone for entertainment, and adults can be urgent matters requiring immediate decisions.

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