Poll: half of the spouses want as the first baby boy

A survey conducted in the UK, found that half of young parents dream to be the first-born they had a boy. Due to such a desire is simple: they think that boys are easier. The survey involved more than two thousand couples. 21 percent of respondents said that they would like to first they had a girl, and 32 percent of spouses said they don't have specific preferences about sex and willing to accept any child.

Of those people who wanted to see his first child, a boy, besides explaining that boys are easier, also cited other studies. A third of them stated that the elder brother in the family will continue to care for their younger sisters and brothers, and 19 percent of respondents want a boy, because he will be the successor of their names. 37 per cent of parents said that they would like to have a daughter, but only if it is second born in the family. Many respondents stated that although the boy to bring up easier, but she is the best role model for the education of the younger brothers and sisters.

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Scientists were surprised to received the results of the survey, as it is not expected that so many adults will tend to the birth of his son as the firstborn. But the most important is the fact that 95 percent of respondents recognized the importance of ensuring that the baby was healthy.

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