Poll: citizens of Russia don't believe in new medical technologies

The Russians biomedical technologies in the most part seem to be unacceptable intervention into human nature. About it tell the data of poll of experts from the Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge issek.

Scientists interviewed more than 1,5 thousand people from Russia. "The cautious attitude of the respondents demonstrated to the biotechnology intervention in the functioning of the organism using stem cells, genetic engineering or implantable electronics: such ideas gained from 22 to 31% popularity," the report says.

Many other technologies of the 21st century, by contrast, are perceived very positively by residents. As an example, scientists lead the solar panels, "smart clothes" and the device for registration of the pollution in the air.

Biomedicine remains to date a controversial issue for ordinary people. According to the data collected, the probability of genetic diseases concerned 78% of potential parents, however, only a third of them ready to carry out a genetic test.

"Probably, in the case of technologies that violate the sacred boundaries of physicality and the accepted idea of normal individuals aktualisierte defense mechanisms, causing fear and moral rejection", - summed up the experts.

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