Poisonous Supplements for weight loss produced in China seized in the suburbs

"The police arrested the party of dietary supplements containing sibutramine is a potent substance. All of the seized tablets, capsules, teas, coffee, slimming creams contain the above prohibited substance", - informs the Agency "Interfax".

At the beginning of sibutramine was developed as an effective antidepressant, but its clinical trials did not meet the expectations of physicians. But doctors have found another quality is that he is able to suppress appetite. Because in some cases sibutramine is used in pharmaceuticals from obesity, but sold these drugs only with a prescription and are under the strict supervision of doctors. In Russia, as in the United States and in many European countries is banned.

After 1997, sibutramine were used in the United States, appeared sad statistics of hemorrhage, suicide or heart attack fatal to patients who were using sibutramine.

As revealed, in the use of sibutramine patient feels similar to the effect of drug effects: sustainable addictive, is insomnia, a feeling of anxiety, migraleve pain, depression, and, what is most dangerous is incredible tage to suicide.

What applies to the supply of dietary supplements in Russia, the police found that it was organized by the Chinese Diaspora. Deals in the suburbs was done by two PRC citizens. In Lyubertsy, when you try selling dietary supplements in the amount of 450 thousand rubles were detained two women. One woman explained that the goods are dangerous to health smuggling it from China carried herself.

A total of trafficking were seized about 15 kg of sibutramine.

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