Point G may not exist

Many men find the female G-spot is elusive, in fact, it just might not exist. It is believed that this is a small spot on the female body with a large number of nerve endings, which gives the opportunity to receive intense pleasure.

Researchers from Connecticut declare that after an analysis of 100 studies over the past 60 years no evidence of the existence of point female sexual pleasure no.

The concept of the G spot appeared in the 1950 years and its popularity grew with the help of pornography and sex contraceptives, so it has survived to this day. It was discovered by the German gynecologist Ernst the Grafenberg in 1950, in his honor, the G-spot was named.

"Many women feel guilty if you can't find this point, but the reality is that, historically, or evolutionary, it does not exist," said Dr. amichai Kilchevsky.

Were interviewed 1800 women from London, and no compelling evidence of the existence of the point was not found. In 2012, more erudite British proved that the concept of the G spot and not able to find it reduces the quality of sexual life of both men and women.

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