Play with the dolls for little boys is the norm, scientists believe

Recent studies in the psychology of children has proved that playing with dolls for little boys is the absolute norm. Boys 4-5 months doll attract more than cars and other special "male" toys, says Business Standard. The thing is that boys, like girls like any object with a face. This feature of the psychology of the child, which is 4-5 months is not able to understand sex differences.

The conclusion was made during the observation of young children. They showed images of dolls, household appliances, machines and other things. Researchers recorded the time that the child "sinks" on the image. It turned out that three year old boys love designers and cars, while girls prefer dolls. This is partly due to the imposition of stereotypes society.

However, in a five-month-olds difficult to explain anything, and the kids really choose what they like. So, boys and girls at this age love dolls, plush toys, rattles. Scientists believe that this is due to the development of the child's mind. In five months of such children draw faces and toys, issuing new sounds. However, as maturation occurs differentiation of preferences.

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