Plastic surgery spoiled Hollywood beauty

When the photographer shot coming out of the liquor store woman, dressed in jeans and a light jacket, even with the plaster, he did not immediately recognize the famous Hollywood beauty and serdceed Lara Flynn Boyle.

Ten years ago, Lara easily broke the hearts of such men as young Kyle the direction of movement, charismatic Jack Nicholson and even Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford.

However, obvious signs of plastic surgery changed Lara almost beyond recognition, facial contours have lost clarity, upper lip reached unnatural size, absence of wrinkles in no way changed the impression of the overall image of the girls.

The obvious consequences of excessive addiction to Botox in the pursuit of youth unrecognizably changed beauty . Everyone knew that the star of "Men in black" and TV series "twin Peaks" feels passion for visits to plastic surgeons.

Although the most frequent surgery plastic surgeons can be called liposuction and surgery are breast augmentation, Lara came to him, she turned to the correction of facial features. Physicians are reminded that this correction should only be done only after careful thought, or if there are obvious defects, because the pursuit of the cult of youth and as a result many are not mandatory operations can speed to lead to even less attractive.

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In the pursuit of beauty Lara Flynn Boyle already almost got among the Hollywood gossip the title of "the skinny in Hollywood", but changing the shape of the nose, Botox injections, plastic lip volume, and a circular face lift and eyelid and eyebrows that went Lara to maintain their appearance, though repeatedly, making it much more noticeable than a simple thinness.

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