Experts from the new York center for plastic and laser surgery conducted a survey of 59 people who underwent the surgery for a facelift in 2013. Before and after the treatment, scientists invited volunteers to undergo a self-test. Was that plastic surgery was not the confidence of almost anyone, even if it was possible to achieve pronounced anti-aging effect. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Interestingly, one-third of patients self-esteem after surgery decreased. Another 22% said that their opinion of me has not changed. Only 48% considered themselves beautiful and more confident. Note, after the volunteers began to look on average 9 years younger.

Experts believe, all the fault of expectation. The majority of patients who decided to have plastic surgery, we hope for magic, which doesn't normally happen. The result – disappointment in medicine and their appearance. About half of the people agreeing on plastic surgery, I want to become prettier or younger. The rest half of the cases the causes remain unknown.

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