Plastic surgery lead to emotional crisis

Anyone who is dissatisfied with her appearance, can rely on the work of a plastic surgeon, because it can dramatically change the appearance of the person. However, sometimes this operation leads not only to improvement of self-esteem, and deep emotional crisis.

American psychologists believe that our appearance is an integral part of our personality, perceived not so much objectively, as in the subconscious. If our unique differences after plastic surgery erased, then our sense of self gets a serious blow, the human mind often cannot completely identify with what they see in the mirror.

Dr. Vivian Diller believes that the relationship between consciousness and reflection in the mirror is extremely strong, if surgically change their appearance, and can change its character. When a man sees in the mirror a new reflection, he thinks and he will live a better, brighter, more correctly, when this does not happen, the patient usually expects a deep spiritual crisis. "Improved version" appearance does not match previous quality of life change which is harder.

So if you wish to change the look, start with small steps and carry out all the changes gradually.

First of all, the desire to go for plastic surgery of the face is fraught with psychological problems of self-awareness. That is why surgeons should send their patients to a qualified psychologist, and not to change the appearance dramatically.

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