Plastic surgery for lip augmentation

Feminine beauty has a really significant effect. Plump lips is one of the features that attracts the eye and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Those who by nature were awarded them, can rejoice and celebrate, emphasizing its beauty modern decorative cosmetics. But if nature has not endowed You with magnificent sponges, do not worry. Modern plastic surgery allows you to quickly and harmlessly to increase the volume of the lips, making them more attractive and sensual.

Lip augmentation can be achieved by resorting to plastic surgery. Immediately it should be noted that before the procedure it is necessary to hand over analyses, to undergo a medical examination and to receive consultation from a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery lips

Today, there are many different methods that allow you not only to increase the volume of lips, but also to correct their shape, to simulate the circuit, remove the asymmetry, etc., the Modern trend is contour hyaluronic acid. Among the most popular methods to increase the size of lips, stands out:

• Introduction of the implant;

• The stirring of his own tissue.

Under the dental implant surgery refers to shivanie foreign body in the mouth. Implants come in a variety. They vary in price, shape, physical state, the country of manufacture, etc. to Determine the appropriate implant will help the specialist in plastic surgery based on the results of the analyses. After the operation there is a small scar. The stirring of his own fabric chosen by those who want to make the pigmented area of the lips more. After this procedure also remains slightly visible scar, but it very quickly and easily masked with makeup.

Lip augmentation with the help of plastic surgery has a number of advantages:

• Easy portability operations;

• Characterized the long-term effect;

• You choose the shape and volume of the lips;

• Operation is simple and fast.

As with any surgery, plastic lip is not devoid of the disadvantages that can stop many women. Those who are afraid of cuts, can pay attention to a method such as contour hyaluronic acid. Classic plastic surgery will require regular doctor visits (once every 4-6 months to maintain results. You should also be ready to anesthesia.

Contraindications to surgery are diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood, thyroid, skin, and cold and intolerance to anesthesia.

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