Plastic surgery can rejuvenate at 9 years

Modern plastic surgery can rejuvenate a person's almost 9 years from the actual biological age of a person, these are the conclusions of experts in the field of plastic surgery from the University of Toronto.

Professor Jeremy Warner and his team conducted a study which aimed to determine how many years look younger than people after surgical plastic face. The study included 60 patients aged from 45 to 72 years, who were divided into groups by type of plastic interventions: 1) plastic surgery of the face and the neck; 2)the face, neck and eyelid - blepharoplasty; 3) eyelid surgery, face, neck and forehead lift.

In the role of independent experts who evaluated the age, gave medical students, their task was to determine the age of photography.

The result of this work, was the fact that experts have identified the type of plastic surgery that can rejuvenate the appearance of the person almost 9 years. This operation became eyelid surgery, face, forehead and neck. Skin lifting face and neck only 6 years.

Summing up the results of research Jeremy Warner noted that "the Rejuvenating effect depended on the number of surgical procedures that were made to the patient. Rejuvenation of 9 years is the success of modern plastic surgery, which allows people to look and feel younger.

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