Plastic items, perfumes and cosmetics older people do diabetics

"Phthalates that are found in most cosmetics and plastic, the elderly can significantly increase the risk of developing diabetes", warns the University of Uppsala. Even an insignificant increase in body concentrations of phthalate increases almost twice the risk of diabetes on their pages, writes The Times of India.

Monica and Lars Lyndon was made this conclusion after monitoring data more than 1 thousand 70-year-old residents of the city of Uppsala. Researchers were interested in indices of sugar and insulin in the blood of subjects.

For this purpose, the elderly took the blood, and then the scientists tried to discover the relationship of baseline with different kinds of toxins that are found in the human environment. In particular, in a number of toxins, including such compounds, which are formed in the body after splitting phthalates.

The relationship between the traces of phthalates and diabetes was undeniable, even when taken into account factors such as obesity, blood levels of fats, Smoking and lack of exercise.

Higher concentration of phthalate in total, significantly increased the risk of developing diabetes about two times. The point here is that phthalates have hampered the functioning of the pancreas and did not give it in the normal mode to produce insulin.

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