Plasma is an effective treatment

Probably, every woman will eventually collide with the desire to turn back time and feel younger. Experience no aging, and young and elastic skin. Plasma is a method that combines the latest technology and natural processes. This method helps to achieve significant results in rejuvenation of the skin in a relatively short time. But how does this method? What is the essence of the operation of plasma-lifting, reviews on which imbt positive?

Even in ancient times, scientists, doctors noticed that human blood has healing properties. Modern research has shown that each blood component plays its important role. For example, platelets play a critical role in the healing of damaged tissues. They release growth factors, which lead to regenerate tissue, stimulate cell division. These properties are noted Russian scientists and their discoveries have invented a new way of lifting based on the use of their own human blood.

What is the essence of plasma-lifting?

The patient make a small fence of his own blood. Depending on the procedure that will be carried out, can take from 10 to 60 ml of the Fence so much blood does not affect the health of the patient and is absolutely harmless. Then by centrifugation in a specially designed and patented the tubes the number of platelets increased to 1 million/µl. Due to the fact that you are using the patient's own blood, you can avoid allergic reactions to the drug. Received the medication is introduced into the body directly on the affected skin area.

Areas of application.

This drug was made primarily for the needs of dentistry, but a great result inventions allowed to use the drug in various fields of medicine and to achieve outstanding results. Today, this drug can be used for natural rejuvenation of the skin in cosmetics, for the more rapid healing of the tissues in traumatology. Urology gynaecology Orthopaedics and dentistry also can't do without this drug.

The drug stimulates your own body to regenerate, making him start to use the possibilities of regeneration of cells with fully. Therefore, the effect of the application of plasma-lifting more reliable in comparison with other procedures lifting.

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