Plasma - detailed description of the procedures

Plasma is a procedure that enables the injection of the plasma of the patient to rejuvenate the body. Plasma is a liquid Foundation blood, which contains vitamins, proteins, hormones, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients to provide powerful anti-aging effect, due to the natural regeneration processes in the body.

This technique for over 15 years, used for rapid healing of wounds, as treatment of various skin diseases, oral and maxillofacial surgery, when the operations of the cardiovascular system, as well as in cosmetology.

In cosmetology plasma is used for the following purposes:

restore firmness and elasticity of the skin of the face and body;

- correction of skin changes that occur with age;

- troubleshoot mechanical stretching of the skin (striae);

- recovery of the skin after cosmetic procedures, resulting in damage to the skin (chemical and laser peels)

Because the plasma has its limitations for use, before the procedure, you must consult a specialist. Plasma cannot be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding, hemophilia (broken processes in blood clotting), cancer, viral infections (herpes at the acute stage and the chronic diseases in severe form.

The plasma-lifting procedure starts with the fact that the patient takes a small amount of blood (about 15 ml). After the blood is processed in a centrifuge under certain conditions, allows to separate the plasma from the formed elements of the blood (platelets, erythrocytes, leukocytes). Separated plasma contains special proteins that trigger processes stimulating cell division, and thus include the recovery process of damaged tissues of the body.

The finished concentrate plasma is administered to the patient under the skin. For this purpose, the injection site is treated with antiseptic and apply a soothing substance. Using a thin needle, the concentrate is injected into the affected area, and then treat the skin with antiseptic and soothing cream.

Recovery of plasma-lifting quickly and easily. However, 2-3 days, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, make use of a Solarium, a walk-in sauna and swimming pool.

When the plasma typically is 3 to 4 treatments every 15-30 days. This allows you to save persistent and pronounced anti-aging effect.

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