Plant foods will help you with bronchial asthma, scientists believe

Bronchial asthma is a serious disease that requires constant monitoring and taking special drugs. Pathology is expressed in periodic attacks of breathlessness and respiratory failure. According to scientists, the symptoms of the disease can be reduced if you stick to a certain diet.

Research group of the Lausanne University conducted a study which found that a large amount of fiber not only improves intestinal peristalsis, but also has a positive effect on the bronchial asthma. It turned out that vegetable fibers contain special substances that enhance the body's immune response. Note that these fiber digestive system is not digested.

Each year the number of people with bronchial asthma is growing rapidly. This may be due to changes in the environment, increasing concentration and diversity of food additives. In General, the modern diet, the researchers note, too processed - bowel nothing to grind and split when the product consists of fast carbs.

This power changes the activity of intestinal bacteria. Normally, they are part of the human immune system, however, malnutrition efficiency of bacteria falls. Cellulose activates processes in the gastrointestinal tract and increases the overall resistance of the organism.

The data were confirmed at the time of experiments on laboratory mice. It turned out that the constant consumption of vegetables, fruits and cereals creates optimal conditions for the proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora. Bacteria produce fatty acids, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. This factor additionally helps the body in fighting bronchial asthma and other diseases.

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