Planned a crazy experiment in genetics

Professor George Church of Harvard medical school was reconstructed genome DNA of the Neanderthal man, and at the moment the Professor is in search of a woman who would agree to bear fruit with the genome of the extinct ancestor of man, the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

According to Professor Church, which is considered a pioneer in synthetic biology, he was able to recover a large number of DNA from fossil bones, and now he can get a genetic chain of this human species that became extinct thousands of years ago. To do this, only to find a woman, a lover of such adventures.

Professor'm sure that can return in the modern world is a living creature that lived on the planet more than 33 000 years ago. But much will depend on various factors. The scientist plans to introduce DNA of prehistoric man in embryo stem cells in the early stages of its development. In his opinion, the stem cells will begin to develop the embryo in the direction of the Neanderthal man, and not a reasonable person. For starters, a few days, the embryo will be in the laboratory, and then it is implanted woman who will give consent to participate in this experiment. Her name is still unknown, but it is already ensured success as an author of a literary work "I gave life Naandi", the newspaper writes.

On the way of this Grand and ambitious project, there are two obstacles: the law and ethics. And if we consider this fact from the point of view of medicine, the problem may be the inability of the immune system of this new creation to the conditions of the world around him. In addition, there is a risk that the baby will be born with disabilities.

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