Plan your future - and you will quit Smoking, say scientists

People who make plans for the future, most often can cope with the bad habit of tobacco Smoking, say British researchers in the journal Addiction. Earlier scientists talked about the fact that, generally, smokers are generally less likely than non-smokers, think about plans for the future. A group of researchers from Newcastle University have tried to find out what factors can influence the decision to quit Smoking. To do this, Dr. Heather brown and Jane Adams compared the data of a large-scale Australian study, which was conducted in the period from 2001 to 2009. Data on household income and labour market development in Australia contain information about economic and subjective well-being of man, his work, and family composition.

Scientists have selected from this list 1,817 thousand participants who smoked at the start of the study, and analyzed their plans for the future. Brown and Adams took people postponing money and building plans for at least 3 months in advance, to the group of long-term planning horizon. Those smokers whose financial dreams did not extend beyond the week were named as group a short perspective planning.

After that British scientists have calculated what people Smoking at the start of the study, he gave up this harmful habit of 2009. In the result, it was found that 77% of patients, who refused to tobacco, had planned an important long-term financial Affairs. Researchers have resulted in a comparison of this relationship with other household situations. For example, patients with diabetes who are focused on the future, trying to change your diet and be accepted for special exercises. Similarly, for example, cocaine, do not have long-term plans, not often abandon the drug.

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