Pizza - record for unhealthy salt

"Restaurant pizza, which is implemented takeaway contains just a huge dose of salt. By results of researches of scientists from the Association the Association of London Environmental Health Managers and the organization of the Consensus Action on Salt and Health, this pizza is much more salt than it can be found in seawater. And if to compare with the finished pizza, which is sold in the supermarket, this pizza contains salt 2.5 times more," writes The Telegraph Agency.

For example, analysis of pizza from restaurant Adam & Eve (London) showed 10,57 grams of salt per 100 grams of product in it, 2.73 grams, while the waters of the Atlantic ocean contains only 2.5 grams). Scientists in total were surveyed 199 pizza pepperoni and Margherita. Restaurant takeaway", and if to be exact - exactly half of them, in their composition contained the maximum permissible during the day the rate of consumption of salt, which is equal to 6 grams.

In 84 percent of the pizzas from the restaurant sold "to go" were found to be extremely dangerous for the health of fats, significantly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. As for the ready-made pizzas from the supermarket, they still were in the list of harmful products, although it was less harmful.

Professor Graham MacGregor says: "the Government neglected the problem of controlling the quality of the food does not pay. The urgent need to reduce the salt content of the food. Otherwise, otherwise, in the near future may develop the epidemic of hypertension, because salt contributes to high blood pressure".

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