Scientists recommend to pay attention to the pineapples in the new year season, when the fruit fill the shelves of all supermarkets. Pineapple has an unmistakable pleasant taste and contain in their composition a number of useful compounds from the group of antioxidants. Writes about this edition of Zee News.

Antioxidant substances that the body needs to protect cells from oxidation. Regular consumption of large amounts of antioxidants reduces the risk of development of sclerotic changes in the vessels and oncological diseases. In other research says that pineapples protect the organ of vision from macular degeneration.

Even pineapples are low in calories and high in fiber, necessary for normal digestion. So, this fruit is ideal for losing weight people who wish to obtain a stable result.

Other scientists say that pineapples speed up the metabolism, strengthen the nails, hair and skin.

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