Pine extract helps the brain to recover from injury

Ordinary pine can return to a normal life of people suffering from brain injuries.The antioxidants extracted from pine bark, can help in treating people with traumatic brain injuries, according to research conducted at the University of Auckland.In the study, the extract, called Enzogenol, 60 people with traumatic brain injury was used in the next three months, which helped them to improve memory and improve the locus of attention.Specialist in the field of strokes Professor Valery Feigin has indicated that patients who took the new drug, less forgot the names of the people or confusing concepts, i.e. less problems common to people suffering from brain damage."This is good news for people suffering from minor trauma of the head, because now you may receive evidence-based treatment. Besides useful for brain exercises, the number of available treatment methods was very limited," he said.Professor Feigin hopes to start a large-scale study of the drug with an extract of pine, based on the successful results of their experimental studies.

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