Pimples on the back - causes and treatment

Very often, not only in their Teens are worried about acne, not only on the face but on the back, causing great discomfort, the inability to wear outdoor clothes, shirts and tops, trips to the beach, pool, sauna, etc. This problem is typical not only for women but also for men.

If you decide to fight pimples on the back, then, first of all, consult your doctor or dermatologist to determine the cause of their appearance, take all the necessary tests (most often, it is the General analysis of urine and blood, a blood test hormone levels).

Causes of pimples on the back a few:

- irritating clothing (from coarse fabrics, especially synthetic character, most often in winter, when the skin is your body can't properly "breathe" sometimes, woolen clothes, big hair, worn on the naked body or sweaters and sweatshirts that are worn several days in a row),

- poor hygiene of your skin, when Hiking in the bath is limited to a couple times a month or when the daily shower, you wash the whole body but back carefully enough,

- problems with the functionality of the digestive tract when there is a violation of the metabolism, while your skin all the toxins, salts and waste products are displayed on the surface of the skin, of course, that's not normal and contributes to the formation of pimples,

- endocrine disorders, when excessive hormone production contributes to excessive greasiness of the skin, especially on the back, and leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands (result - acne),

- infectious diseases of your body (for example, sore throat or tonsillitis chronic, infections of the genitourinary system),

- age-related changes (rough activity of sex hormones at puberty - aged 12 to 25 years, is the cause of acne on the back).

First of all, normalize your diet, it must be fully balanced, eliminate fats, especially animal origin, it is useful to sit on a diet, which you will recommend to the dermatologist, it should be rich in fruits and vegetables, all dairy products, fish and meat, steamed.

Change your sponge, let the new be of natural material, then massage when washing will get natural and gentle, the sponge should not be hard and prickly.

Wipe the back of the manganese solution - this solution is an antiseptic (kills germs that contribute to acne), if the manganese you are allergic, then you can apply any antiseptic solution, for example, cucumber alcohol lotion.

Spend a professional cleaning of the back of a mechanical nature, in beauty salons, of course, is not cheap, however, after a couple of procedures you will notice results.

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