Pills anti-wrinkle

British scientists say that next month you can buy a tablet that will reduce wrinkles, so-called "bird's feet" around the eyes, by 30 percent.

The first results of drug tests on 480 women showed that the intake of these pills three times a day helps to decrease wrinkles from the inside.

Tablets from wrinkles increase production in the body is collagen, the protein gives the skin tone. Pills called Unilever will be released on 4 productions in England, Spain and Canada. Tablets do not have permission to release control bodies, as they are already approved by the extracts. Although all research results have not yet been published, preliminary data has intrigued the scientific world and doctors.

After 14 weeks of treatment taking pills women remarked on average 10 percent reduction in fine wrinkles around the eyes, in the most successful cases of wrinkles decreased by 30 percent. A skin biopsy showed that the collagen content in there taking the drug women has increased.

With age, the production of estrogen in women is reduced, which leads to deficiency of collagen, and this in turn makes the skin less elastic and leads to the appearance of wrinkles. New tablets Unilever with vitamin C and E, extracts from soybeans, tomatoes and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils activate the reparative properties of the skin, and stimulate collagen synthesis - "skeleton" of the skin.

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