Pigeons spread infection in Moscow

Pigeons often referred to as the "city rats". This species, like many other species living in the city, carry around hundreds of bacterial and viral infections, are carriers of bed bugs and mites.

Medical epidemiologists Moscow sounding the alarm: the city identified the epidemic among the pigeons. Poultry infected with Newcastle disease, which sooner or later leads to the death of birds.

In addition to this disease, pigeons are carriers of chlamydia and Salmonella - a dangerous infections that cause lesions of the digestive tract.

Psittacosis is caused by a virus, which is able to accumulate to the epithelium of the respiratory tract. But the special danger causes Newcastle disease.

The source of infection can be any biological fluid of an infected animal. Newcastle disease occurs in many species of animals. Among birds, the infection spreads rapidly, causing mass destruction, which can lead to outbreaks of other infections.

In this regard, Moscow residents should not come into contact with street birds and avoid contact with them in poultry. In General, animals should be protected from potential sources of infection - rats, mice, cockroaches and trash containers.

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