Pickled turnip is the ideal probiotic

Pickled turnip is a traditional Japanese dish. Scientists have proven that its useful properties. It turns out that it can act as a complete probiotic. While a large number of lactic acid bacteria contained in it, help fight viral infection, reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists plan to conduct experiments. Perhaps the group of lactic acid bacteria can reduce the risk of developing such serious infectious diseases like H1N1, H7N9. Pickled turnip contains a special strain of lactic acid bacteria, which is currently being tested in humans and has already been tested in the lab on mice.

Scientists say that the main feature of this product is the structure of exopolysaccharides. This substance enables you to deliver lactobacilli in large volumes. In addition, the flora had an activating effect on the immune system, increasing resistant properties of the organism.

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It should be noted that not all share the optimism of scientists regarding lactobacilli. An earlier study showed that discontinuation of probiotics on the next day brings the levels of lactobacilli in the intestine to its previous level.

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