Phyto - debunking the myth and some useful properties

The Ministry of agriculture of the USA has funded a study of the Boston scientists in their decision to find out the true benefit for the body popular in America herbal teas. Now significant advantages for health by drinking herbal teas is not a simple folk belief, but a scientifically proven fact.

Jeffrey Bloomberg and Diana Mac Kay from tufts University in Boston debunked myths about chamomile tea. It is considered that the infusion of chamomile soothes, however, scientists found no scientific evidence these effects of chamomile on the human body. However, they found evidence that chamomile tea fights germs and helps fight high blood clotting.

Mint tea also copes with viruses and microbes, in its effect, it is much better than some of the medicines, also mint is a strong antioxidant, antiallergenic agent and is a good remedy against tumors.

Were conducted clinical trials have proved that tea from hibiscus lowers blood pressure in people with symptoms of hypertension.

McKay, Bomberg debunked some popular myths about the actions of herbs, but at the same time they opened these positive properties of herbal teas.

Recommend to all coffee lovers to reconsider their views on your favorite drinks, because of cheerfulness in the morning from a healthy body to achieve a much easier!

However, if you previously bought in the pharmacy and infusion of chamomile for sleep enhancement, it is worth considering - does not come sleep relieved cleared of oxidants and microbes of the body, not from not proven hypnotic effect of this herb?

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