Physicians will determine the bone disease in dental images

Now, scan the teeth, the doctors will be able to identify the risk of developing osteoporosis. This will be possible thanks to the technology Osteodent developed by dentists from the University of Manchester. Specialists will be able to diagnose the disease of the bones in the early stages, even before the first symptoms of the disease, says The Daily Mail.

Osteoporosis is a fairly common disease that decreases bone density. They become weaker and more prone to fracture. Scientists had been unable to identify a predisposition and potential risk of this disease. And the diagnosis of osteoporosis patient could only be obtained after fracture. The latest research of the British showed: seeing in the picture deterioration of the jaw bone, doctors can attest to the poor condition of the bone tissue and in other parts of the body of the patient. To make this conclusion, the experts reviewed about five thousand x-ray images of patients from 15 to 94 years. Up to 42 years in patients no special transformations in bone density were observed. After this age the process of reducing the density increased, the bones were made more fragile. And comparing snapshots of jaw x-ray photo other parts of the body, doctors found similarities in the process of "melting" of bone tissue. Taking into account the obtained results, the dentists were able to develop a new computer program. It will enable the specialist to assess the risk of osteoporosis, and for the patient to take timely measures to prevent disease.

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