Physicians were allowed to continue to lead a sex life after a heart attack

Myocardial infarction dramatically changes a person's life. Previously, doctors recommended to maintain an intimate life after a heart attack. Any physical activity in the early months can aggravate the condition of the sick person, says The Daily Mail, citing the opinion of experts.

Scientists have examined the question from their point of view. They assessed the condition of 500 people with previous myocardial infarction. Volunteers interviewed, whether they were intimate life after the attack. In addition, we evaluated the influence of sex on the heart muscle.

As it turned out, only 5 people out of 500 had sex an hour before the heart attack. 80% of volunteers no contact wasn't 24 hours before a heart attack. Scientists have been unable to discover the relationship between sexual activity and risk of heart disease.

Sex, scientists believe, is not much more dangerous than climbing stairs or walking. Doctors add: many medicines to treat the heart attack, reduce erectile function, for some patients this factor dramatically reduces the quality of life. Researchers are advised to consult a doctor before self-appointment or cancellation of drugs, amount of physical exertion is also better to discuss with a specialist.

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