Physicians told who most often have the flu

Big family – a real incubator for infections. This statement applies to the influenza virus. Scientists from the University of Utah proved that people from large families are more often sick with colds.

In the study, researchers monitored 26 families, writes The Daily Mail. People from childless families were caught cold by 3-4 times per year (include all cases of infection, including the most light). In families with one child, the figure was 18 weeks, with six children – 45 weeks. The main source of viruses usually ended up small children who easily become carriers of infection.

In children, the virus in the nasopharynx are found twice as often than in adults. Frequent baby colds increase the risk of getting sick parents. As a result in large families adults suffer 1.5 times more often than usual.

Doctors recommend that regardless of family size to prevent colds, hardening, cleaning of the nasal cavity and mouth after a walk, regular cleaning in the living room.

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