Physicians: to fidget in chairs good for your health

This is especially true of office workers who are forced to spend in a seated position most of the working day. Fidgeting in his chair, experts say, could partially replace the breaks and replace physical activity in the workplace. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists from the University of Leeds and University College London tried to develop a special program for people working in a sitting position. Take into account the peculiarities of human diets, the degree of physical load, presence of harmful habits and chronic diseases. All scientists have analyzed the health of 14,000 women aged 35-69 years.

It turned out that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of sudden death. If a person regularly fidgeted in his chair, the risk on the order declined. Physicians are advised to move more in the workplace and to take breaks at work, use your lunch break for a little walk.

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