Physicians: Smoking causes blindness

Macular degeneration is an irreversible loss of view and the most common cause of blindness. The Central region of the retina is deformed and covered with scars, the perception of light is gradually reduced visual acuity. Scientists have found that smokers macular degeneration occurs much faster.

Tobacco smoke leads to insufficient nutrition of the tissues of the eye. Eyes are the "hands" of the brain, its tissues are equally sensitive to lack of oxygen and nutrients, and gray matter of the cortex. Experts from the University of Wisconsin has processed the data from 5,000 people in the period from 1988 to 2014. Each person had captured images of the ocular fundus in the beginning of the study and five years. At the end of the experiment survived 4439 people. The initial form of degeneration of the organ of vision was noted in 24% of volunteers, severe deformities were reported in 4.5% of cases.

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Scientists summed up. Smoking increased the risk of early progression of macular degeneration by 36%. We are talking about the development of severe forms of the disease. Don't forget about the increased risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

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