Physicians: psychedelics can be used in the treatment of mental disorders

Hallucinogens, ecstasy, LSD was originally developed for scientific purposes. In the middle of the last century was conducted medical studies that prove the effectiveness of certain substances in the treatment of mental illness. However, the complexity of the application and the problems with drugs, medical field I was forced to reject such methods of treatment, says The Daily Mail.

Particularly noteworthy are hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, ecstasy and mescaline. In one recent study it has been proved that the use of these substances in a health facility capable of defeating anxiety and other mental problems.

Hallucinogens, established scientists, help to overcome alcohol addiction. However, the possibility of the formation of dependence on hallucinogens no scientist denies. While the question of the use of illegal substances for medical purposes not discussed. Scientists warn about the dangers of drugs and possible problems with the law.

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