Physicians: passive Smoking causes strokes

Victims of passive Smoking have a high risk of stroke. Compared to people who smoke don't collide in General, the probability of hemorrhage in the brain is increased by 50%. After stroke probability of death from any of the other diseases, gain an additional two times, writes Reuters.

Scientists analyzed data on non-smokers 28 000 people. The part was relatives or friends, Demissie directly in the apartment. The smoker has worked on all family members breakdown products of nicotine. Especially dangerous catenin. The connection lingers in the blood.

With regular exposure to tobacco smoke the risk of stroke, according to information received, increased by 46%. Doctors warn that you should protect from tobacco smoke children and pregnant women. Many people underestimate the harm they cause to members of their families. In addition to stroke, secondhand smoke causes cardiovascular and lung diseases, increases the risk of cancer.

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