Many people believe running is one of the most healthy sports. However, the failure to observe the techniques of running, overvoltage or running in uncomfortable shoes can easily lead to irreversible changes in the joints in just a few runs.

Scientists agree: you should run wisely. You should find comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers. Long-distance on conventional asphalt is better not to run. The ideal surface for running – rubberized ground stadiums and dense tracks of land.

Before school starts you should make sure that the joints and muscles all right. The presence of mild arthritis along with regular Jogging can aggravate the situation, and about any improvement of the body do not have to say. From unwanted injuries will help correct running shoes and run through the gradual increase in distances. To be a hero with Jogging, as with any other sport, is not worth it.

Now there are many bracelets that measure heart rate, connects to any smartphone. Track heart rate, running speed and its duration will help to preserve and increase health. Keeping all the tips under the guidance of coach, you can achieve excellent results.

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